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About Alexander Mausolf

After being inspired by the imagery of Tony Kearney & Sandra Elms, with their exhibition 'Closer' as a part of the Shimmer Photographic Biennale in 2012, I purchased my first camera, a lowly old bottom of the range Canon 1100D, just in case the bug never bit and I therefore wasn't wasting much money on it. I have since then moved up through a few models to a full-frame camera, the Canon 6D and have some specialist lenses and other kit/gear for the aspects of photography I love; Architecture and Landscapes particularly, but also Macro-photography. Since mid-2017 I have been exploring people photography, from out on the streets, at rallies and protests and even people doing parkour, as one of our boys is into it.

I  am mainly self taught, from various internet forums where I have received some amazing feedback and mentoring, by reading many, many books, viewing quite a few Lynda and youtube tutorials and undertaking studies with The Canon Academy, here in Australia. All this in combination with plenty of experimenting and a steep learning curve and I think I am slowly getting there! I think of myself as a quixotic neophyte when it comes to photography, I like to aim high with my imagery and learn from the inevitable mistakes! There have been many epic fails along the way. Most of my photographic time is taken up with trying to develop a style and a way of "seeing," that is fingers-crossed uniquely mine; something I know I will be working on for many years to come as I am still in the emulation stages of my development.

Of personal note, I have some interesting mental health challenges, living with severe anxieties, depression, complex PTSD, schizophrenia, and throw in a good amount of constant auditory hallucinations to boot! This is something of a recent inclusion and experience in my life, coming on thick and strong in mid 2008. After many years of living on a medical roundabout, I finally am medication free and living well, thanks to a brilliant Psychotherapist with a holistic approach to treatment.

Photography is a healing art form that offers me the ability to still see the beauty in life through landscape, macro and architectural subjects. It also allows me the opportunity to express my observations of life in a creative manner. It has become my all-consuming passion and is also my saving grace.

In late 2016 with the assistance of my peer-worker, I established a weekly photography group for people living in Adelaide, South Australia that experience mental health challenges. With that group being limited to only being allowed to use their own devices, this meant that most did not have the means to use a camera to explore creatively with, as the majority were living on very tight finances. This got my inner social innovator active, sparking off the idea to source cameras and lenses for everyone to be able to experience Mindful Photography for themselves through the use of a digital camera. This occurred very easily and quickly, but unfortunately, the NGO I was involved with would not allow the participants to use my cameras, so in mid-October of 2017, I established a voluntary not-for-profit service called "Happy Snappers Adelaide." Through this innovative NFP service I am offering those living in the Onkaparinga region the chance to experience Mindfulness through the use of the digital cameras I have sourced from donations and my own purchases. I also voluntarily provide my knowledge and mentoring in how to use these cameras and access a state of Mindfulness easily, through various community centres and mental health organisations in Southern Adelaide.


I am a very active advocate for mental health in regards to the rights and services available to individuals living with mental health challenges in their lives. I do this through many mental health advocacy groups, networks, and bodies in government and the non-government sectors. I have also been accepted as a Peer-Ambassador for Mind Australia, as a part of their 2018 intake.

Currently, I am finishing off writing a 400+ page ebook on Mindful Photography. It should be launched some time in Mid 2018!

Kindest Regards,


Plays With Light - Alexander Mausolf


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