Shimmer 2014 - Plays With Light


Blurred as part of the 2014 Shimmer Photographic Biennale is the first exhibition for Alexander.

Experience a monochromatic exploration through local landscapes and architectural imagery. Time, space and light are blurred with Alexanders long exposure techniques, expressing his personal journey through life with mental health challenges.

Artist: Alexander

Exhibition: Blurred

Exhibition date: Aug 30 - Sept 28 2014

Map of Venue: Carmel's Cafe Bar & Grill, 250 Main Road, McLaren Vale(in the Cottage)

Venue Phone: (08) 8323 8038

Venue Website:

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday,

     Wednesday: 5:30 to close

     Thursday/Friday: 12 - 2:30 then 5:30 to close

     Saturday/Sunday: 12 - 3 then 5:30 to close

Shimmer site: 2014 Shimmer Photographic Biennale

Program: Download it here

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Below, are the ten images I am currently displaying at the 2014 Shimmer Photographic Biennale, held in South Australia.

These images are now available for sale in two formats:

1. You have the opportunity to purchase the originals that are being exhibited, which are one-offs, printed by me. Use the contact form here on the site to let me know which one you are interested in.

2. You can order them in whatever dimension, framing and finish you want through this page, where they are printed and framed professionally and shipped to your door.

Click on the images to see them much larger and get the various purchase options.




Nihilistic Paradise


Jagged Fluidity


Lumpy Sunset



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