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2018 Don Dunstan Foundation Award - Finalist

Being held as part of the 2018 SALA Festival during August, where I shall present a solo highlight collective of 10 long-exposure photographs taken throughout South Australia over the last 5 years.

Attempting to allow others an insight into my world of living with intense mental health experiences, these images explore the effects of living in a waking dream through the contrasts of the crisp landscapes and the blurred illusory appearance of the clouds and water, representative of my life-challenges. The isolated subjects suggest my disconnect from the world and the isolation from the public at large that I experience in my life.

The crisp detail parallels my precise nature and creativity, which I express through my photography, via the demanding methods required for long-exposure photography. This allows me some much appreciated moments of mindfulness, providing respite from my intrusive internal sensations.


Cibo Espresso Colonnades

Shop 219

Colonnades Shopping Centre


South Australia


17:00 - 19:00am Thursday 02/08/2018

Two pieces will be auctioned on the night to raise funds for Happy Snappers Adelaide.


17:00pm Friday 31/08/2018

Happy Snappers Fundraising Event:

The ten long-exposure images on display at this exhibition will be available for purchase, to raise funds for my Happy Snappers Adelaide Mindful Photography programmes. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of more digital photographic equipment for the participants.

I am donating the costs of the frames and printing towards this. The café is not taking a commission for the sales of these prints, their generous assistance with this fundraiser is truly appreciated!

Mindful Photography Walk:

Learn how to experience the benefits of Mindfulness through photography. Discover what Mindfulness and Flow are, then put this straight into action as you investigate the Onkaparinga Estuary, the Sandhills and the Port Noarlunga Beach regions. Explore these areas with purpose and a new sense of observation.


By the footbridge, Weatherald Terrace, Port Noarlunga South, SA.


1:30 - 4:30pm Sunday 19/08/2018




Retrospective Blurs

  • SAHMRI Blur 01

    A look up the side of the SAHMRI building in Adelaide, South Australia. This is a three minute long exposure, uing 13 stops of ND filtration.

  • Lumpy Sunset

    Long exposure of just a smidge under five minutes at my local beach.

  • Carrickalinga Beach Sunset 01

    A long exposure from Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia taken at sunset.

  • Playing and learning to use my 10 stop ND filter at Port Noarlunga, South Australia.


Being held as part of the 2018 Shimmer Photographic Festival from 14 September - 14 October at Hugo Wines, McLaren Flat, where I shall present 10 long-exposure photographs taken at various parts of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Onkaparinga regions.

There will be a Mindful Photography walk and an Artists Talk about how photography became my saving grace.

More details closer to the date!

Happy Snappers Adelaide Fundraiser

A display and fundraiser for the Happy Snappers Adelaide not-for-profit entity that I recently founded. Providing those living with mental health challenges the ability to explore and express themselves though photography.

I am selling four of my images exhibited here and am donating 100% of the proceeds towards getting some camera setups for Happy Snappers Adelaide. Prices range from $200 - $280.


Ripple and Swirl Café

14 The Esplanade

Christies Beach

South Australia


October 10th 2017 - May 18 2018

Opening Times:

8am to 4pm daily

Happy Snappers Adelaide Fundraiser

Inspire Festival 2017


Onkaparinga City Council


Monday 16 October to Friday 10 November 2017


Noarlunga Civic Centre,

Ramsay Place,

Noarlunga Centre

Opening Ceremony:

Friday 13 October from 5.30–7.30pm

At the Arts Centre, Port Noarlunga

Inspire Festival 2017

Celebration of Life

Featuring inspiring art with a cultural diversity theme.

Through art, the Celebration of Life showcases the lives of people living with mental illness, their friends, family and carers.


Skylight Mental Health


4th to 25th of October 2017

Open daily from 10am


West Torrens Auditorium

In the Hamra Centre

1 Brooker Terrace, West Torrens

Opening Ceremony: 

4th of October from 12:50pm

Celebration of Life


Blurred as part of the 2014 Shimmer Photographic Biennale was the first exhibition for Alexander.

Here are the ten images that I exhibited.

2014 Shimmer Photographic Biennale

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